What We Provide

Hereditary Cancer Test

Cancer developed by an inherited genetic mutation is referred to as hereditary cancer.

Private Blood Test

Know your health and body functions & Vitamins/ wellness/ kidney/ liver function

Allergy & Food intolerance Test

Know your dietary  intolerances and

Gut Health

Get tested  to Understand  your Health issues related to your guts and Digestions.

Blood beta-HCG

Blood based test for  Precise early pregnancy and monitoring test


The test assist to prepare for the arrival of a baby who may  needs extra care.       


Identify the key biomarkers related to common health concerns.

Microbial Hygiene Test

Know your personal, home, workplace Hygiene Test and Wound/ nail Infection sensitivity test

Broad Respiratory Infection

Test  most common 19 viruses and 4 bacteria respiratory infection.

Diabetes Insulin Test

Highly accurate Insulin Resistance test for diabetes

Rapid Health Screen Test

RT-PCR/Antigen test. These tests are designed to identify.

Men Health check

Check your blood health, thyroid, Cancer,  diabetes

Women Health check

Check blood health, Hormones, thyroid, Cancer,  diabetes

Sexual diseases test

Chlamydia,  Gonorrhoea,  HIV and  Syphilis

Rapid Lipid and HBA1C

Precise Diabetes history check and Cholesterol  test