Hygiene Test

Microbiological screening

Reduce your hygiene risk by determining the presence of disease-causing bacteria or fungus on your body and your surroundings

Recommendations by experts

Results within 2 working day

Free postage of samples

Find the presence of bacteria or fungus on your skin or other exposed parts of your body.

Find the presence of pathogenic bacteria/fungus found on surfaces or objects.

Why Test?

Are you frustrated with your current medical treatment for your infection/wound?

We will help you to find out whether your current treatment works or not, and if not what could be the solution.

Choose our test and we will tell you which treatment is potentially effective for you!

Hasu Healthcare has developed a screening/sensitivity test to check the efficiency of popular treatments (creams, powders, and ointments) you use to treat your infections. We will tell you if they are effective or not.