Govt Approved COVID Test Provider

Hasu diagnostics is Govt approved COVID test provider, and we are one of them who have been offering the services at low-cost prices. We at Hasu provide the COVID-19 lateral flow test kits for immediate results. We offer the results within minimum time and cost-saving methods. It doesn’t matter either you have a short time or get your test done immediately. Then at Hasu diagnostics, you will have all the facilities under the supervision of experts.

We have the choices of antigen test which give either positive or negative coronavirus results and antibody test which to let you know the results quickly. Our testing devices are so efficient to tell you if the patient has COVID-19 and has developed the antibodies to fight against it.

Govt Approved Covid Test Center Slough

Several countries have stopped the spread of COVID-19, and various countries require proof of vaccination, or you should be free of coronavirus. These tests are processed here and approved by the United Kingdom accreditation service to be considered valid by the destination country. Once the results are processed at Hasu diagnostics, registered doctors would allow you to travel with a certificate to other countries.

 Hasu diagnostics approved as top-rated slough gov approved covid test center. The majority airlines require PCR certificate to get on board. Our tests are the most authentic one and we haven’t experienced any refusal about tests or certificates. Our testing devices provide accurate results to protect the health of people.

We can provide a rapid doctor’s certificate within 15-30 minutes, which can be used as fit to fly certificate where antigen test is sufficient, we can provide accurate results to detect viral levels.

How do we process results?

We understand the requirements of travel destinations first and use the website to understand the category of travel. You have to go through the booking process to ensure either detail you have provided are accurate or not. Expect your results in the email within 48 hours. We offer on-site and off-site testing facilities to facilitate the customers. Just read out the details carefully and get the benefit of our emergency covid test in the UK. We are reliable and provide trustworthy results. We recommend you to read official government guidance as well before establishing the test.

Why choose Hasu diagnostics?

We are Govt approved COVID test provider and offer our services at minimal prices. We are known as specific with all existing viral variants. Our services are unique and easily accessible for everyone. You can drop your queries through email or call us directly on the given numbers.